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Panel prices keep falling on weak demand, says WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 9, 2008---Based on WitsView’s market survey, mainstream IT panel prices fell by 6~9% ($5-6) in 1HDec, while TVs dropped by 5-10% (about $10-30). Due to the lack of a strong local brand support, the utilization rates of the Taiwan and China-based panel makers have declined to historical lows, promoting them to drastically reduce their 2009 capex.

WitsView foresees panel market slowdown to persist at least until 1H09

8 December 2008

Taipei, November 6, 2008---Based on WitsView’s market survey, mainstream IT panel prices fell by 2~4% ($2-3) in 2HAug, while TVs dropped respectively by 2% (about $5-10). Faced with the sluggish end market demand, panel makers are trying to grab a slice of a market pie that is starting to show signs of shrinking.

LCD monitor shipments from both SIs and brand vendors slightly slip in October, reports WitsView

8 December 2008

Taipei, November 26, 2008---As to the result of WitsView's worldwide top 10 LCD monitor SI shipment survey in October, most of the system integrators shipment decreased, only Innolux, Samsung, LGE and Wistron MoM shipment grew. Thus, the total MoM shipment declined 3.6% in October. The result is also a signal that there is no more incentive in the end market for the hot season coming.

TPV and Samsung topped LCD monitor SI and brand shipments in September respectively, says WitsView

8 December 2008

Taipei, October 29, 2008---According to WitsView’s survey, TPV topped the list of LCD monitor SIs with 3.7 million monitor shipments. This was followed by Innolux, which shipped 2.9 million units. Coming in third was Samsung, where its own-brand business produced 1.8 million units. Qisda and LGE were respectively ranked at No. 4 and No. 5, both shipping roughly 1 million units.

Large-sized panel shipments fall by 4.9% to 105.3 million in 3Q08, reports WitsView

24 October 2008

Taipei, October 22, 2008---Global aggregated large-sized panel shipments in 3Q08 reached 105.3 million units, a QoQ decrease of 4.9% and a mere 3.4% YoY growth. Thanks to preparations for China’s National Day holidays and year-end sales promotions, TV panel shipments were up monthly during the third quarter. For 3Q08, they reached a new record high of 26.7 million units, up 12.7% QoQ.

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