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WitsView: 40W and Above LCD TV to Take the Lead in Year-End Sales

4 August 2010

Since 2008, 32W has been accounting for the largest ratio with 40% in global LCD TV sales. WitsView expected that sales ratio of 40W and above LCD TV in 2H10 may increase substantially in accordance with the recent panel price quote and the street price trend.  

WitsView: Japanese Brands Release Orders Aggressively, Resulting in Surging Taiwan TV SI Shipment

3 August 2010

Under the trend of economies of scale and work specialization, LCD TV vendors are focusing more on the brand management, and have gradually released their manufacturing capacity to cost-competitive SIs. Among which, Japanese TV brand vendors are the most aggressive ones to release their orders in the worldwide.

WitsView: LED TV and Monitor Development be Restricted; Forecasting to Rule Out Unfavorable Factors in a Year

28 July 2010

The development of LED monitor and TV not only brought life to the maturing panel industry, but also became the key pillars to expand the emerging LED industry. The analysts of WitsView and LEDinside, the research divisions of TrendForce, took a positive attitude toward the long-term development of LED BLU products.

WitsView: LCD Monitor Inventory Closeout becomes the top priority in 3Q10

28 July 2010

Based on the latest survey by WitsView, in June, shipment of top ten LCD monitor SI dropped 8.3% MoM to 12.01M units, recording three months of consecutive decline. 2Q10 shipment grew by 0.8% QoQ to 38.65 million units.

WitsView:Large-sized Panel Shipment Decreased by 3.2% QoQ, Only TV Panel Shipment Increased against Downtrend

14 July 2010

According to the latest survey by WitsView, the research division of TrendForce, large-sized panel shipment posted a decrease by 3.2% MoM to 54.02 million units. In 1Q10, an imbalance in panel supply and demand occurred which was caused by component shortage.

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