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WitsView: Weak Demand in IT Market, Leading to Decline in SI and Brand Shipments

27 August 2010

According to the latest survey by WitsView, global LCD monitor shipment from the top ten SIs dropped by 1.3% MoM to 11.77 million units, marking a shipment decline for four consecutive months. The end-market demand in Europe and the US market remained weak, coupled by the slow economic growth in China due to the natural disasters, demand for summer sales promotion was not as strong.

FOCUS CHINA – WitsView: 32W and Below Remained Over 70% in 2Q10 TV Panel Procurement

23 August 2010

Based on the survey by WitsView, a research division of TrendForce, in 2Q10 panel procurement among China leading TV brands, 32W accounted for the largest ratio with 41%, which was similar to global TV panel procurement with 42% in same size.  

FOCUS CHINA – WitsView: Taiwan Slightly Surpasses Korea in TV Panel Shipment in Coveted China Market

17 August 2010

As panel industry had been stuck in the mud for some time, at the end of 2008, China played a critical role in getting out of the recession mud in the panel industry. In recent years, China has also become the single market that demonstrated the rapidest growth in TV panel demand.

WitsView: Large-sized Panel Shipment Dropped by 8% in July; Inventory adjustment to Become the Top Priority in the Supply Chain

12 August 2010

According to the latest survey by WitsView, the research division of TrendForce, panel shipment reached 50.87 million units in July, decreasing by 8% MoM.

FOCUS CHINA – WitsView: TV Brands’ 2Q10 Panel Procurement Volume Dropped by 15% QoQ

12 August 2010

Based on the latest survey by WitsView, a research division of TrendForce, the panel procurement volume among China TV brand vendors has been gradually decreasing in the latest three quarters. In 4Q09, the overall TV panel procurement volume reached a record high with 94 million units.

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