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Global Smartphone Production Drops to a Ten-year Quarterly Low at 250 Million Units, Says TrendForce

7 June 2023

The ongoing global economic downturn continues to impact consumer confidence in the market. TrendForce reports that the global production volume of smartphones in 1Q23 was only 250 million units—marking a 19.5% YoY decrease. This represents not only the greatest annual decrease but also a historic low in quarterly production since 2014.

Second-Hand Smartphone Market Poised for Continued Growth, Apple Secures Close to 50% Market Share, Says TrendForce

23 May 2023

TrendForce reports that the global pandemic and extended average device replacement cycles of 36 to 42 months have curtailed smartphone production growth.

Chinese Brands Boost Global TV Shipments to Pre-pandemic Levels of 47.26 Million Units in 2Q23, Says TrendForce

16 May 2023

TrendForce reveals that Chinese brands—capitalizing on the anticipation for the 618 shopping festival and overseas channels restocking their inventories—have pushed global TV shipments in 1Q23 to an impressive 43.37 million units.

Global Demand for Notebooks Projected to Grow 11% QoQ in 2Q23, Says TrendForce

6 April 2023

TrendForce research reveals that global notebook shipments reached 33.9 million units in 1Q23—a 13% QoQ and 39% YoY decline. This drop is primarily attributed to the continued impact of economic headwinds on consumer market confidence, which has hindered notebook channels as they destock. As a result, notebook brands have reduced ODM orders in an attempt to regulate inventory pressure, with this pressure on notebooks and their components expecting to be eased in 2Q23 as channels increase demand MoM. TrendForce predicts this will drive 2Q23 notebook shipments to 37.63 million units, an 11% QoQ increase but a 17.7% YoY decline.

Smartphone Camera Module Output Predicted to Grow to 4.62 Billion Units in 2023 as Smartphone Demand Picks Up, Says TrendForce

16 March 2023

Furthermore, increased production of camera lenses for budget smartphones means that production of phone camera modules is expected to increase by 3.6%, reaching a total output of 4.62 billion units in 2023, according to TrendForce research.

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