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Major Chinese TV Brands Expand Market Share with Strategic Supply Chain Integration and Regional Diversification, Says TrendForce

3 January 2024

Global TV demand continues to be adversely impacted by inflation in 2023. Even price reductions and promotions on high-priced products have struggled to boost sales as consumers contend with limited disposable income. This has resulted in a decline in shipments for international brands that primarily focus on mid-to-high-end models, according to TrendForce's research.

Smartphone Demand Rebounds in 2H23, Q3 Production Rises 13% with Continued Growth Expected in Q4, Says TrendForce

7 December 2023

TrendForce reports that smartphone production—fueled by reduced channel inventories and spikes in seasonal demand—saw a significant uptick in 3Q23. Global smartphone production in the third quarter reached approximately 308 million units, marking a 13% QoQ increase. Although this figure has yet to reach pre-pandemic levels, it represents a 6.4% YoY increase, effectively ending an eight-quarter streak of annual declines. 

Global TV Shipments to Fall Below 197 Million Units for the First Time in 2023, Slight Growth of 0.2% Expected in 2024, Says TrendForce

28 November 2023

TrendForce’s latest research indicates that despite a decrease in the CPI in Europe and the US this year, consumer budgets are still constrained due to the current high-interest-rate environment, and the real estate bubble in China has suppressed TV demand. Moreover, a significant increase in TV panel prices this year has led brands to scale down promotional events, resulting in a decline in global TV shipments to 197 million units in 2023—a YoY decrease of 2.1%.

Shifting Camera Integration Trends Expected to Cause an 8.9% Decline in Smartphone Camera Module Shipments in 2023, Says TrendForce

21 November 2023

TrendForce reports a significant 8.9% decrease in shipments of smartphone camera modules in 2023, totaling around 4.065 billion units. This downturn is attributed to a decline in smartphone production and evolving trends in camera integration by major brands.

Key Development Period for AI PCs in 2024; Global Notebook Market Set to Rebound to Healthy Supply-Demand Cycle with an Estimated Growth Rate of 3.2%, Says TrendForce

8 November 2023

TrendForce reports the global shipment of notebooks is expected to reach 167 million units in 2023—a YoY decrease of 10.2%. However, with inventory pressures easing, the notebook market is anticipated to return to a balanced supply and demand cycle in 2024. The principal growth drivers are expected to be the gradual release of pent-up demand for business sector upgrades and continuous expansion in certain segments such as Chromebooks and gaming notebooks. Overall shipment volume is forecast to reach 172 million units, marking a YoY increase of 3.2%.

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