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TrendForce:Samsung Cedes Position of No.1 Monitor Shipment Brand to Become No.3

2 September 2013 Display Anita Wang

According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor brands’ 2013 shipment will be around 120 million units, declining 7.1% from 2012. Due to the struggling global economic recovery in 2013 and the fast-selling smart phones and tablets, the demand for LCD monitors continues to shrink, and the replacement demand for NBs hasn’t seen light at the end of the tunnel yet. Hence, LCD monitor brands have switched the business core to larger-sized products and niche products with higher profits.   

Samsung shows the most aggressive strategic shift as the Korean makers sees profits as top priority. It cuts unprofitable model shipments, reduces planning for small sizes, and develops niche, large-sized, and public displays to boost gross profits. However, profit and market share cannot be achieved at the same time as the high value-added products always hold weaker market shares than regular ones. As a result, Samsung will lose its No.1 place on shipment and moves backward as No.3. Dell, contrarily, benefits from its long-term cultivation in the commercial market and gains the long-anticipated champion title on the relatively stable demand.     

Table: 2012/2013 LCD monitor brands’ shipments

Source: WitsView,Aug.-13, unit:Mn/YoY%

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