2019 Light LED and LED Lighting Market Outlook

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  • Update : 2018-10-22
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I. Lighting LED II. Global Lighting Market Trend III. Regional Lighting Market Opportunities and Challenges IV. Lighting Manufacturer Revenue Ranking IV. Lighting Manufacturer Revenue Ranking V. The Impact of US-China Trade Wars in the Lighting Industry

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED Industry
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: Sapphire, LED Chip, LED Package, LED Lighting, UV LED, Infrared LED, and Flip Chip Markets and Technology Trend
Vita Wang
Assistant Industry Analyst
Research Field: LED lighting;LED policies and standards; Industry dynamics and development
Terri Wang
Research Field: LED Lighting Market, LED Display Market
Allen Yu
Research Field: LED chip, LED packaging, LED driver, LED phosphors
Figo Wang
Senior Analyst
Research Field: LED lighting, LED supply chian, LED Industry and Competitive Analysis