Three High-End TV Market Trends- 3Q17

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  • Update : 2017-07-28
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HDR for the color gamut specification section has been normal NTSC 72% pulled up to DCI P3 90% (about NTSC 80 ~ 85%), so 2017 NTSC <90% of the specifications, the use of blue chip + RG phosphor, blue and green LEDs + KSF phosphor compared to last year's 2016 growth trend of about 30%. Future WCG requirements to NTSC 100% or more, the existing phosphor cost performance ratio is not higher than expected, so need to be converted into QD (Quantum Dot) material, so it will on the LED blue chip without phosphor. It’s bound to affect the phosphor usage volume. Current QD solution for WCG requirement about NTSC 100% is QDEF in backlight market, and about 1% in TV market. Panel suppliers actively develop the QD (Quantum Dot) material in the open cell, leaded by the Korean supplier. In the future, the QD will be popular in the WCG market.

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