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WitsView: Sluggish demand sends SI and brand monitor shipments down in November

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 24, 2008---According to WitsView’s Top 10 SI monitor survey, shipments slumped by 28.3% MoM during November. But given the deteriorating global economy, clients continued to cut orders, thus resulting in a bigger than expected decline.

TV panel prices still face huge pressure in 2HDec due to inventory issues, according to WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 22, 2008---According to WitsView’s market survey, mainstream IT panel prices fell by 2-4% ($2-3) in 2HDec, while TVs dropped by 7-11% (about $20-30).  

Panel shipments fall by 23.7% in November on weaker demand and supply, reports WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 17, 2008---According to WitsView’s survey, worldwide large-size panel shipments in November reached 25.83 million units, a 23.7% MoM and 26.4% YoY decline. The shipment drop during the traditional strong season stemmed from the brand vendors’ cut back in orders, as the persisting macroeconomic woes weighed on the end market demand.

Panel prices keep falling on weak demand, says WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 9, 2008---Based on WitsView’s market survey, mainstream IT panel prices fell by 6~9% ($5-6) in 1HDec, while TVs dropped by 5-10% (about $10-30). Due to the lack of a strong local brand support, the utilization rates of the Taiwan and China-based panel makers have declined to historical lows, promoting them to drastically reduce their 2009 capex.

DRAMeXchange indicates 2009 NAND Flash Demand Bit Growth Revise Down to 81%

5 January 2009

Taipei, December 31, 2008 -- Due to the slow demand of NAND Flash related applications, DRAMeXchange continues to revise 2009 NAND Flash bit growth down from 108.2% in September, 95.3% in October and to 93% in November 2008. Along with the upstream vendor capacity cut in December, the total bit growth is estimated to decline to 81%.

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