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DRAM Contract Prices in May to Raise 10%-15% MoM, says DRAMeXchange

6 May 2009

Taipei, May 5th, 2009 --- Sources indicate that the biggest DRAM spot market suppliers, Powerchip and Elpida, have stopped shipping chips to the spot market, resulting in tighter supply, says DRAMeXchange. Therefore, DDR2 1Gb spot prices have stayed strong at US$1.2. Meanwhile, marketers expect to see the prices move towards US$1.5 by end of June.

DRAMeXchange:Win7 RC available to public benefits AIO

5 May 2009

Taipei,May 5th,2009----Microsoft is going to issue public Windows7 RC today.The market now focuses on tablet PC and All-in-one PC but Winodws 7 won’t make a significant contribution to global PC sector until next year and DRAMeXchange expects that PC shipments enjoy growth of 8% YOY in 2010.

DRAMeXchange:MLC NAND Flash contract price surged up 8% to 18% in 2H April

28 April 2009

April,28th,2009,Taipei---In 2H April, the mainstream MLC NAND Flash contract price went up about 8% to 18% reflecting the inventory replenishment demand of system clients and China mobile phone market and the continuing supply controlling of NAND Flash vendors.DRAMeXchange says.  

DRAM CAPEX of 2009 Decreased by 56%, says DRAMeXchange

17 April 2009

Taipei, April, 15th, 2009 --- The 2008 DRAM chip price dropped more than 85%, while the global DRAM industry has faced more than two years of cyclical downturn, and the consumer demand suddenly froze because of the global financial crisis in 2H08.

NAND Flash Contract Price of 1H April Rose Due To Shipment Adjustment, states DRAMeXchange

17 April 2009

Taipei, April,6th, 2009--- MLC NAND Flash contract price of 1H April, 2009, rose between 0 to 16% due to shipment adjustment from upstream NAND Flash suppliers, says DRAMeXchange. Major NAND Flash suppliers tend to increase their shipment for system makers but decrease those for card and UFD clients. Mainstream MLC 16Gb and 32Gb products also rose between 8 to 13%.

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