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DRAM vendors face toughest 5x nm process migration battle, states DRAMeXchange

4 March 2009

Taipei, March 4th, 2009--- The DRAM industry has faced two years of downturn - the global financial crisis which started from 2H08, and the freezing demand.

China's "Home Electronics Down to the Country Side" policy—The PC business opportunities, states DRAMeXchange

4 March 2009

Taipei, Feb 24th, 2009--- According to DRAMeXchange, to expand domestic demand to compensate for the decrease of export, Chinese government started to advocate the policy of “Home Electronics down to the country side” in December 2007.

Bearish or Bullish is still unknown about the NAND Flash market, says DRAMeXchange

4 March 2009

Taipei, Feb. 24th, 2009 – The 2H February NAND Flash contract price showed uptrend, but the spot price had already started sliding down. DRAMeXchange stated that the current market trend is still unsure and the market is filled with the atmosphere of wait-and-see.

DRAMeXchange expects NAND Flash CAPEX will decrease 58.9% in 2009

20 February 2009

Taipei, February 17th ,2009----NAND Flash makers became more rational and focused on improving profitability. DRAMeXchange expects that the 2009 annual NAND Flash CAPEX will decrease 58.9%, larger than the decrease of 27.7% in 2008.

4Q08 WW DRAM vendor revenue declines 40%, says DRAMeXchange

20 February 2009

 Taipei, February 19, 2009 -- Since the consumer demand freeze caused by the global economic downturn and the financial crisis in 2H08, the DRAM quarterly average spot and contract prices both dropped over 40% QoQ.

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