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TrendForce:Samsung Replaces Nokia as Top Smartphone Brand in China

19 March 2013

Samsung has surpassed Nokia as the most commonly used smartphone brand in China since the third quarter of 2012, according to a consumer research report on smartphone use in China conducted by Avanti, a division of global market research firm TrendForce.

TrendForce:Affordable, High-Spec Smart Devices Becoming the Standard in 2013

5 February 2013

It’s 2013, and now more than ever changes in technology occur in the blink of an eye. But which anticipated trends will take hold this year? Global market research firm TrendForce has organized the following summary of upcoming trends in the technology industry.

TrendForce:Component Replacements to Potentially Give Rise to Lower-than-$150 USD Tablet PCs

13 December 2012

Tablets, which rank high on many consumers’ shopping lists, have become an undisputed highlight for this year's peak season, with cheap, under-$200 USD devices such as Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD poised to gain major attention within the market.

TrendForce:PC Background No Disadvantage as Lenovo Takes Smartphone Market by Storm

1 November 2012

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce, in the third quarter of 2012 shipment volume for Chinese smartphone manufacturers was approximately 60 million units, representing a mild increase of 8% compared to 27% growth in the second quarter.

TrendForce:Ultrabooks to Grow Over 30% in 2013, Becoming Key PC Market Indicator

31 October 2012

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce, as the cost decline of ultrabook components like SSDs, displays, and cases becomes more apparent next year and Intel places more focus on developing processors for ultrabook use, ultrabook market size may exceed 30 million units in 2013, growing by more

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