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TrendForce: 1Q14 Worldwide Smartphone Shipments to Slide by 5.1% due to Inventory-Related Pressures

16 January 2014

Worldwide smartphone shipments reached 265 million units in 4Q13, showing a growth of 6.5% QoQ and 32.2% YoY, according to TrendForce’s research. Thanks to the recent momentum brought about by Apple’s new iPhones, the proportion of high-end smartphone devices shipped jumped from 35% in 3Q13 to 37% in 4Q13, whereas that for the mid to low-range models (ie. those whose prices fall within the range of US$450~US$150) remained at approximately 50%. For the entire 2013, worldwide smartphone shipments increased by an estimated 33.5% YoY, ending at approximately 945 million units. With smartphone makers ramping up Q4 shipments as a means to fulfill 2013 sales targets and pressures related to inventory digestion mounting, TrendForce projects that the global smartphone shipments will drop by an estimated 5.1% in 1Q14.

TrendForce: 2014 Wide-Viewing-Angle LCD Monitor Sees 25-30% Penetration Rate

23 December 2013

According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce,the 2013 LCD monitor shipment including AIO is around 158 million units, dipping 5% YoY. The declining trend will continue in 2014 with a shipment of 150 million units, dropping 5.1% YoY. Among those, the LCD monitor shipment is around 134 million units, declining 6.3% YoY, and the AIO shipment is 16 million units, surging 6.7% YoY. What needs to be observed is panel makers turn aggressive on the wide-viewing-angle panel production, and the wide-viewing-angle shows a penetration rate as high as 30% of the LCD monitors in 2014.

TrendForce: Uncertainties Remain in 2014 NB Market with Shipment Dropping 1-2% YoY

19 December 2013

2013 is undoubtedly a sluggish year for the NB industry. According to the survey by WitsView, the display division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the global NB shipment for entire 2013 is around 167 million units, dipping 10% YoY, as the impacts brought by the touch function test the compatibility between software and hardware as well as consumers’ using habit, in addition to the global economic downturn. 2014 is projected to see constant NB shipment declines, but the decrease can narrow to 1-2%. WitsView analyst Caroline Chen emphasizes on several points to be observed as below:

TrendForce: 2014 LCD TV Evolution Continues, 4K2K and Cured TVs in Focus

12 December 2013

According to WitsView, the display division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the 2013 global LCD TV shipment declines 1.7% to 203.1 million units due to the sluggish global economic recovery and China’s ending subsidy policy. The 2014 worldwide LCD TV shipment is likely to reach 209.1 million units, rising 3% YoY (table 1). WitsView points out five bright spots in the 2014 LCD TV market, including 1.Contineously growing TV sizes; 2.Penetration rates as high as 99-100% for LED LCD TVs and 65-70% for D-LED TVs; 3. Ultra high-resolution 4K2K TVs strongly promoted by brands; 4.Curve TVs targeting at top-class consumers; 5. Integration of smart-family system centered on smart TVs lifting the 2014 smart LCD TV penetration rate to 36%.

TrendForce: Tablet Software and Hardware See Difficulties on Differentiation, 2014 Shipment to Defend 20% Growth Target

10 December 2013

Based on the projection by WitsView, the display division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the tablet shipment is projected 229 million units for entire 2014, seeing an annual growth dipping to around 20%. As the expectation that Windows 8 encourages tablets’ commercial application in 2014 is shattered, the dominant Android damps the possibility the OS lifts the sales momentum. Besides, the hardware also is pressured by prices, making the spec launched by brands to gain little traction among consumers.

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