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Walmart Acquires Vizio, Set to Overtake Samsung as the Largest TV Brand in the US, Says TrendForce

21 February 2024

US retail giant Walmart announced on February 20th, that it has acquired smart TV brand Vizio for US$2.3 billion, aiming to accelerate the growth of its advertising business: Walmart Connect. Since its launch in 2021, Walmart Connect has seen double-digit annual growth in both its online and offline retail media advertising ventures. Vizio has been expanding its device ecosystem and its SmartCast TV OS, boasting over 18 million active users, according to TrendForce.

Early Price Increase for TV Panels, with a Predicted Rise of US$2–3 for 65-Inch Models in February, Says TrendForce

1 February 2024

TrendForce research indicates that global TV shipments in 2023 amounted to approximately 195 million units—a 2.7% YoY decrease, setting a new low for the past decade. Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2024, which coincides with the traditional off-season for consumer products, global TV shipments are estimated to decrease by 18.9% QoQ to 43.28 million units. However, there is potential for a slight increase in annual shipments by 0.3%, reaching about 196 million units for the whole year.

2024 Apple Vision Pro Shipments Estimated Between 500–600 Thousand Units, Micro OLED Key to Cost and Volume, Says TrendForce

18 January 2024

As Apple prepares to open pre-orders for the Vision Pro, TrendForce reports that this device is a key strategic move by Apple to expand the virtual head-mounted device market and to mark its entry into the VR/AR market as a pioneer in technological innovation. If initial sales are strong, Vision Pro shipments could reach between 500–600 thousand units in 2024.

2024 Commercialization of Copilot to Boost AI Server and AI PC Development, Says TrendForce

17 January 2024

TrendForce anticipates 2024 to mark a significant expansion in edge AI applications, leveraging the groundwork laid by AI servers and branching into AI PCs and other terminal devices. The global AI server market—encompassing AI Training and AI Inference—is projected to exceed 1.6 million units, growing at an impressive rate of 40%. Additionally, CSPs are expected to ramp up their involvement in this sector.

Global Notebook Market Demand to Grow by 3.6% in 2024, with AI Innovation Applications Key to Future Growth, Says TrendForce

11 January 2024

TrendForce reveals that the global notebook market in 2023 struggled due to high inflation, with annual shipments reaching only 166 million units, a 10.8% YoY decrease. However, this decline was less severe compared to 2022.

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