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Foldable Smartphone Market Penetration Estimated at 1.6% in 2023, with Potential to Exceed 5% by 2027, Says TrendForce

13 September 2023

TrendForce’s latest insights reveal that by 2023, shipments of foldable smartphones could skyrocket to an impressive 18.3 million units, marking a 43% YoY surge. However, this only captures a slim 1.6% of the year’s total smartphone market.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Boasts Exclusive Periscope Lens, Anticipated to Capture Nearly 40% of New Device Production, Says TrendForce

8 September 2023

The Pro series, armed with smoother production cycles and the Pro Max’s exclusive periscope lens, is poised to be a consumer magnet and potentially propel the Pro series to constitute over 60% of Apple's new device production. However, with overall gloomy market sentiment and Huawei’s comeback in full swing, Apple’s total iPhone sales for the year may take a hit, expected to hover between 220 to 225 million units for a 5% YoY decline.

Limited Impact of New iPhones on Global Smartphone CIS Market, Forecast of 3.2% Yearly Decline in Shipments for 2023, Says TrendForce

6 September 2023

In this ambiance of restrained consumer enthusiasm, shipments of CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) are poised to take a correlated dip. TrendForce projects that we’re looking at a global shrinkage in smartphone CIS shipments from 4.46 billion units in 2022 to a more subdued 4.318 billion units in 2023. That translates to a YoY contraction of 3.2%.

Global Smartphone Production Reaches 272 Million Units in Q2, Transsion Debuts in Global Top 5 for the First Time, Says TrendForce

4 September 2023

TrendForce reports global smartphone production has faced back-to-back quarterly declines. After plunging nearly 20% in 1Q23, second-quarter numbers dwindled further by approximately 6.6%, settling at a modest 272 million units. The first half of 2023 clocked in at a mere 522 million units—marking a 13.3% YoY decline and setting a ten-year low for both individual quarters and the first half of the year combined.

Rising TV Panel Prices and Uncertain Global Economic Projections Lead to Reduced TV Shipment Forecast at 198 Million Units for the Year, Says TrendForce

23 August 2023

This approach spurred a 7.6% growth in 2Q23 TV shipments and an annual growth of 2.1%. In summary, the first half of 2023 saw global TV shipments hitting 90.4 million units, marking a 3.5% YoY decline, according to TrendForce research.

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