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Q1 Smartphone Production Increases Due to Low Base Last Year, Expected to Decline 5–10% in Q2, Says TrendForce

14 June 2024

TrendForce reports that suppliers significantly reduced production targets in the first quarter of last year to address severe inventory accumulation in channels. Consequently, even though 1Q24 smartphone production was below pre-pandemic levels of over 300 million units, it still achieved a seemingly impressive 18.7% YoY growth, with a total shipment of 296 million units.

Penetration Rate of AI NBs to Arrive at 20% by 2025 as AI Applications Steadily Refine and Actuate Consumer Demand, Says TrendForce

11 June 2024

As indicated by TrendForce’s latest survey, global NB shipment remains inhibited in market dynamics due to geopolitics and high interest rates throughout 2024. Generally speaking, demand for replacement of entry consumer and educational models served as the actuation for market activeness for 1H24, whereas the pending stabilization of the economy and additional launches of AI NBs in 2H24 would stimulate the need of upgrading to high-performance NBs among enterprises. Annual shipment is projected at 173.45 million units at a YoY growth of 3.6% in 2024.

[Press Release] Foldable Phone Shipments Gradually Rise, Market Penetration Expected to Reach Nearly 5% by 2028, Says TrendForce

3 June 2024

TrendForce reports that shipments of foldable phones are expected to reach 17.8 million units in 2024, making up only 1.5% of the smartphone market. Despite high repair rates and costs, market penetration is projected to climb to 4.8% by 2028.

Global Quarterly Smartphone Production Jumps 12.1% in 4Q23; Annual Total Drops 2.1% Down to 1.166 Billion Units, Says TrendForce

11 March 2024

TrendForce’s latest insights reveal a significant rebound in global smartphone production, marking the end of an eight-quarter slump in 3Q23. In a strategic year-end surge, brands amped up production to capture more market share, propelling Q4 smartphone output up 12.1% to reach 337 million units.

AI Applications Spur Growth, Smartphone Camera Lens Market Expected to Rebound with 3.8% Increase in 2024, Says TrendForce

26 February 2024

TrendForce forecasts a rebound in the smartphone camera lens market in 2024, with a 3.8% growth spurred by AI-driven smartphone trends to reach approximately 4.22 billion units. Samsung’s AI-packed flagship—the S24 series—is set to capture a larger market share thanks to its advanced Generative AI applications.

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