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Mixed market concerns posed the slight ups and downs for 2H Mar. NAND Flash contract price

26 March 2010

Mar 26th,2010-----2HMar. NAND Flash contract price slightly fluctuated up or down within 5% due to the mixed favorable & unfavorable market factors. Most NAND Flash suppliers are benefited from the stable OEM orders from some electronic system customers, which will help to ease the impacts from the quarter-end inventory-cut & slow-season effects etc.

DRAM Industry enters positive circle and profit in next 3 years is expected

23 March 2010

Mar 23rd,2010-----With the fact of limited capacity expansion, CAPEX, immersion scanner and difficulty of technology migration below 40nm, DRAM supply bit growth will be limited in 2010 to 2012. Also, credit to recovering global economy, strong demand for corporate replacement and smartphone, DRAM demand will show the strong momentum.

iPad’s launch news will help stabilize the NAND Flash price trend

16 March 2010

Mar 16th,2010---------1HMar. mainstream MLC NAND Flash contract price roughly declined 1-7% due to the 1Q quarter-end accounting settlement effect, slow season issue and increasing white-box TLC memory card supply etc.. The market demonstrated the slower procurement activities after Chinese Lunar New Year, and NAND Flash price showed the floppy trend as well.

DRAMeXchange - 1H2010 SSD compared and analyzed

12 March 2010

Mar 11th,2010----A total of 40 SSD products were listed in the evaluation, mostly MLC SSDs with capacities of 64GB and 128GB. In the evaluation, DRAMeXchane compared the differences between SLC NAND Flash and MLC SSD, as well as the differences between SSD controllers.

DRAMeXchange: Outperformed DRAM demand in slow season expected high level in 2Q10

10 March 2010

Mar. 10th,2010------According to DRAMeXchange, 1H’Mar. DRAM contract price still contain its momentum that most price quotation remains same. Some vendors mildly adjust up 2%-3% DDR3 price that out DDR3 2GB ”Low “price and “Average” price consistently locates at US$41.5 and US$43 respectively.

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