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2Q22 Global Smartphone Production Only 292 Million Units, Down 6% QoQ on China’s Pandemic Policies, Says TrendForce

31 August 2022

According to TrendForce investigations, 2H22 smartphone production planning was quite conservative as brands gave priority to adjusting distribution channel inventory. At the same time, weak market demand worsened on the back of China's pandemic controls and brands were forced to lower their production targets. As a whole, production volume dropped 6% in Q2, even though volume had always grown in previous second quarters. Global output was only roughly 292 million units, a 5% annual decline compared with the production performance in the same period in 2021 when a second wave of pandemic outbreaks occurred in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Explosive Inflationary Pressure and Slumping Consumer Demand, Global TV Shipments Fight to Hold at 200 Million Units in 2022, Says Trendforce

26 July 2022

According to TrendForce research, global TV shipments in 2H22 reached 45.17 million units, falling 5% QoQ and 6.8% YoY. This was the first time shipments fell below a record low of 46 million units in the second quarter. The economies of Europe and the United States have been hit by rising inflation and interest rate hikes. In addition, China has been affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and has repeatedly implemented measures such as lockdowns and a dynamic zero-COVID policy. These three major TV sales regions are facing different facet of economic issues, seriously affecting overall shipments and sales. TV shipments from Samsung and LG, mainly sold in Europe and the United States, were revised downward by nearly 30% in 2Q22 and, with a combined market share of nearly 32%, this development sent shockwaves through on the market.

Global 1Q22 Smartphone Production Volume Drops 12.8% QoQ Due to Amplified Off-season Effect, Says TrendForce

1 June 2022

According to TrendForce, the multiplicative effect of the traditional off-season further weakened smartphone production performance in 1Q22 with global output only reaching 310 million units, a 12.8% decline QoQ. Compared with the same period last year, the strategic planning adopted by smartphone brands in response to Huawei's market share collapse is quite different, with annual decline in production as high as 10.1%. Looking to 2Q22, in the face of rising inflation intensified by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the direct impact of China's lockdowns, the momentum of consumption continue to weaken. According to TrendForce's current observations, global smart phone production volume in 2Q22 is forecast at approximately 309 million units, which is roughly on par with 1Q22 but the lingering possibility of a subsequent downgrade this quarter cannot be ruled out.

Shipments of Mobile Phone Camera Modules Forecast to Reach 5.02 Billion in 2022, Three Camera Modules Still Mainstream Accounting for More than 40%, Says TrendForce

24 May 2022

According to TrendForce research, smartphone camera module shipments will increase to 5.02 billion units in 2022, an annual growth rate of 5%. Since the price-performance ratio of whole devices is the primary basis for consumer purchases, the cost of high-standard solutions such as the five-camera design and main cameras sporting hundreds of millions of pixels will inevitably be passed on to the manufacturer with little improvement in sales performance. Therefore, the three-camera module remains the mainstream design this year and is forecast to account for more than 40% of total shipments. Only some smartphone models will adopt a four-camera design to differentiate their specifications, while the number of products with dual-cameras or less will fall, with entry-level models being the primary candidates.

Lingering Pandemic Vexes Economic Performance, 2022 Smartphone Production Volume Reduced to 1.333 Billion Units, Says TrendForce

11 May 2022

According to TrendForce research, global smartphone production volume in 1Q22 was 310 million units, a QoQ decrease of 12.8%, primarily attributed to ongoing inventory adjustments in various distribution channels performed by a number of brands and the cyclical off-season, which led to relatively weak production performance in 1Q22. In 2Q22, a resurgence of the pandemic in the world's largest consumer market, China, exacerbated the drop in global 2Q22 mobile phone production to 309 million units. However, compared to the same period in 2021, when a resurgent pandemic in India and Southeast Asia caused a sharp drop in total production, mobile phone production grew slightly by 0.7%.

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