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75% of the World’s Cars Will Be Connected by 2020, Reports TrendForce

8 April 2015

Autonomous vehicles will enter mass production by 2020 as more and more major auto makers in recent years have committed to their R&D, according to Topology, a division of TrendForce. Furthermore, the scale of the market will likely surpass a million vehicle mark by 2035.

TrendForce Predicts Pepper the Robot Will Bring Forth a Craze in AI and App Development

24 March 2015

Harrison Po, consultant of Topology, a division of TrendForce, said SoftBank’s Pepper has opened another window of opportunity in the market for smart service robots. In the future, the market size of this kind of robots will grow with new and diverse applications. The sales of service robots, for example, has surpassed 5 million units and is projected to grow by 20% in 2015.

DRAM’s Price Decline in Q2 Moderates Thanks to Galaxy S6’s 3GB LPDDR4, According to TrendForce

18 March 2015

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung has managed to shake off the disappointment Galaxy S4 and S5’s lagging sales with the unveiling of the twin flagship models Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. S6 Edge especially captured the spotlight with its special curved screen that sweeps down on both sides of the phone. The new models are also improvements over their predecessor, Galaxy S5, in component specs. Avril Wu, global smartphone analyst for TrendForce, stated Samsung has captured the imagination of the consumers with Galaxy S6/S6 Edge’s amazing features and specs.

Looks and Materials Are Vital for Apple Watch’s Success in the Luxury Market, TrendForce Finds

11 March 2015

Apple Watch has been revealed as scheduled and its price varies according to models, ranging from US$350 to around US$10,000. Though Apple does not offer anything revolutionarily function-wise, the company is confident that product designs and quality of materials alone will propel their smartwatches into the luxury market.

China’s Sapphire Industry Picks Up as Apple Watch Hits the Market, TrendForce Reports

9 March 2015

At the long-awaited “Spring Forward” media event hosted by Apple on March 9, all eyes will be on the reveal of the Apple Watch, which will have a watch cover made of sapphire glass. By incorporating this material into its newest products, Apple has provided an unprecedented, game-changing opportunity for China’s sapphire industry. LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, anticipates sapphire market demand will multiply once these smart watches hit the market.

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