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TrendForce Reports Third-Quarter Global Smartphone Shipments Grew 9.1% to 332 Million; Huawei Succeeds in Its Target of 10 Million Shipped

14 October 2015

Numerous branded smartphone vendors unveiled their next-generation flagship devices ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6s reveal this September. These earlier major product launches included Samsung’s Note 5, Huawei’s Mate and Sony Z5 series. Consequently, much of this year’s growth momentum in the smartphone market was concentrated in the third quarter.

4G Smartphone Market Takes Off as Telecom Operators Drive Mobile Broadband Development Worldwide, Says TrendForce

1 October 2015

There has been an explosive growth in the number of 4G network users worldwide in 2015. According to TrendForce’s projection, the sales of the global 4G-enabled smartphones will reach 450 million units worldwide this year. The convenience and seamless connection of the mobile network encourages consumer usage, while the increasing penetration of 4G-enabled smartphones also drives user growth of 4G mobile networks.

TrendForce Reports Foxconn Is Raising Share of Automation Involvement in Pepper Robot Assembly Line to Meet Growing Demand

16 September 2015

Pepper, a humanoid intelligent robot developed by Japanese telecom giant Softbank, has been an incredible success in its home country. The first batch of 1,000 Pepper units that was released to the Japanese consumer market earlier this June was sold out under a minute, as with later waves of limited pre-orders.

TrendForce Reports Slow but Steady Price Increases across PV Sector in Next Two Months

16 September 2015

The latest photovoltaic (PV) market price report by EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, says strong demand from major markets such as China, the U.S., Japan and India ensures that first-tier PV module manufacturers will have fully booked capacities to the end of 2015.

TrendForce Finds 2016 Global Smartphone Shipment Growth Down to 5.8% and Expects Even Apple to Face Single-Digit Growth Next Year

8 September 2015

TrendForce projects that the 2016 global smartphone shipments will be at 1.34 billion units, showing just a 5.8% annual growth as well as a consecutive decline from the estimated 8.3% annual growth of this year.

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