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WitsView: With the Innolux-Chi Mei Merger, the integration of its component supply system will be based on four principles: Inertia, Cost, Simplicity, and In-house production.

31 December 2009

In the wake of the merger of Innolux Display and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), there has been much speculation in the industry about the new panel giant’s market strategy, as well as the integration of both company’s upstream component supply chains.

WitsView: Brand Vendors’ Aggressive Stocking-up Stimulates Demand for LCD Monitors in Jan’10

29 December 2009

According to WitsView’s top 10 monitor brand survey, total monitor shipment reached 11.65 million units in November 2009, which is fairly flat compared to that of October.

DRAMeXchange: Expected Shortage on DRAM in 2H10

24 December 2009

2009/12/24--------With the recovering PC shipment at 2009, DRAM shortage had accelerated since August and reach at the peak in October. Some PC-OEMs even spent US$55, 1Gb for US$3.25 equivalent, for DDR2/2GB module from module houses at spot market.

1HDec. mainstream MLC NAND Flash avg. contract price roughly dropped 1~20%

24 December 2009

2009/12/11-----------1HDec. NAND Flash contract prices partially remained flat or declined that mainstream MLC NAND Flash “Average” price dropped 1-20% while SLC NAND Flash price remains flat. DRAMeXchange has seen some NAND Flash related suppliers and clients intend to lower inventory level while some are ready for pricing promotion during the year end hot season. That is, 1HDec.

Year-end hesitated view triggered the flat and 1%-5% slight average contract price decline for 2HDec.

24 December 2009

2009/12/24-------2HDec NAND Flash average contract price basically remains flat while 32Gb/16Gb MLC average contract price slightly decline 1%-5% given the slower procurement momentum for some downstream clients during the Christmas vacation.

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