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Market Value of Consumer Electronics 3D Sensing VCSEL Forecast to Soar to US$1.404 Billion by 2028, Says TrendForce

10 January 2024

TrendForce’s latest report, “TrendForce 2024 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies” reveals a market decline for consumer electronics 3D sensing VCSEL in 2023 to US$847 million. This downturn has been attributed to a weak consumer market and pricing pressure.

5% Dip Predicted in 2023 Revenues for Top 10 Lighting Giants, Demand Recovery Expected by 2Q24, Says TrendForce

27 December 2023

TrendForce’s lighting market research indicates a noticeable improvement in inventory depletion for lighting companies compared to the first half of 2023. Growth has been seen in outdoor lighting orders and renovation projects. However, demand remains subdued across most retail, indoor lighting, and specialized lighting sectors.

Rebound in Mini LED Product Shipments to 13.79 Million Units in 2024, Continued Growth Expected Until 2027, Says TrendForce

3 November 2023

TrendForce's "2024 New Mini LED BLU Display Trend Analysis" report reveals that due to declining demand in consumer electronics, shipments of Mini LED products are expected to decrease to 13.337 million units in 2023.

TrendForce 2024: Riding the Wave of Revolutionary Tech Trends

17 October 2023

In this press release, TrendForce details the major trends that are expected to take place across various segments in the tech industry in 2024, as follows:

Japanese Watchmakers and Western Automakers Boost Micro LED Market to Near US$600 Million by 2027, Says TrendForce

10 August 2023

Mass production of large displays and wearable devices is propelling the Micro LED market. TrendForce predicts that the market value of Micro LED chips will reach $27 million in 2023, indicating a YoY growth of 92%. With the scaling of existing application shipments and the introduction of new applications, it’s projected that the market value of Micro LED chips will approach $580 million in 2027, representing a CAGR of approximately 136% from 2022 to 2027.

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