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EU Tariffs Act as Catalyst, Chinese Automakers to Accelerate Launch of 14 New Overseas Plants, Says TrendForce

9 July 2024

The EU has initiated provisional countervailing duties on Chinese-made BEVs as of July 4, 2024. While new tariff percentages have been announced, they show minimal change from the rates published on June 12. The tariffs include 17.4% for BYD, 19.9% for Geely, and 37.6% for SAIC. Additionally, automakers identified as cooperating with the investigation but not sampled will face a 20.8% tariff—affecting a total of 13 companies—while other automakers not listed will be subject to a 37.6% tariff.

EV Traction Inverter Installations Decline by 27% QoQ in 1Q24, with China's Tier 1 Manufacturers Emerging as Key Highlights, Says TrendForce

4 June 2024

TrendForce’s latest data on the global EV inverter market shows that the traditional off-season for EVs led to a significant drop in traction inverter installations in 1Q24, reaching just 5.22 million units—a 27% decrease from 7.14 million units in 4Q23. BEVs accounted for 48% of these installations, down 5% from the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the share for HEVs and PHEVs increased from 47% to 52%, highlighting that range anxiety continues to be a key concern for consumers when purchasing vehicles.

NEV Sales Increase 16.9% in the First Quarter of 2024 While PHEV Sales Surge Nearly 50%, Says TrendForce

30 May 2024

Notably, this is the first time in three years that the YoY growth rate of quarterly global NEV sales has dipped below 20%. BEV sales reached 1.8 million units, up 4.2% YoY, while PHEV sales skyrocketed 48.3% to 1.041 million units.

China Retains Market Advantage in Battery Development Despite US Raising Tariffs on Chinese Battery Imports to 25%, Says TrendForce

23 May 2024

TrendForce posits that Chinese EVs account for less than 2% of the US EV market, making the actual impact of these tariff hikes minimal. However, the increased battery tariffs are expected to raise EV production costs for US automakers. This could complicate efforts to reduce overall vehicle costs and incentivize consumer purchases.

NVIDIA GTC Focuses on Empowering Healthcare and Manufacturing with High-Performance, Low-Energy Chips, Says TrendForce

21 March 2024

Leveraging this foundation, NVIDIA is set to launch AI chips like the B100, B200, and GB200, prepping for a surge in advanced AI applications. With NVIDIA's quick iteration cycle, these improvements in cost-efficiency and energy consumption mean these products could dominate the market by 2025 after their expected late 2024 release.

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