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DRAMeXchange:NAND Flash Makers’ sales US$4.776bn 9.5% QoQ

30 July 2010 Semiconductors

July 30th,2010--- According to DRAMeXchange,a research division of TRENDFORECE, the bit shipment of total branded NAND Flash makers grows 20% QoQ in 2Q10. However, 2Q10 ASP roughly decline 9% QoQ due to the increasing output for TLC and raising TLC white-brand memory card penetration at cost edge. 2Q10 branded NAND Flash maker revenue reported at US$4.776bn, 9.5% QoQ more than US$4.363bn revenue in 1Q10.

Some NAND Flash suppliers have capability to lower the impact from slow season effect and European financial issue because of the stable OEM orders from system customers, especially for the rocking iPad and iPhone 4.Says DRAMeXchange.

According to the 2Q10 sales ranking of branded NAND Flash makers, Samsung remains its leadership place with 40.4% market share and records US$1.929bn revenue, followed by Toshiba with 33.1% market share and US$1.579bn revenue. Micron ranks in No.3 with 12% market share and US$571m revenue. Hynix takes the No.4 with US$394m revenue. Intel grabs No.5 with sales of US$302m revenue.

2Q10 Samsung bit shipment grows about 25% QoQ since stable orders from system customers can reduce the impact from slow demand in memory card and UFD customers. However, 2Q10 ASP still decline 10%QoQ due to the low-cost TLC products. Samsung recorded US$1.929m revenue with 12.8% QoQ along with 40.4% market share in 2Q10.

Toshiba can ease the impact from price erosion and sustain the shipment growth benefited from stable OEM orders from system customers and strategic partners. 2Q10 revenue increases 5.2% QoQ to US$1.579m. Market share is stabilized at 33.1%; Impact from 6% QoQ ASP decline, Hynix still sustain the bit shipment at 22% QoQ given the effort in customer mix adjustment. That is, 2Q10 revenue is booked at US$394m with 14.2% QoQ. Hynix’s market share is 8.3% in 2Q10.

Micron has completed the merger with Numonyx in May 2010 at the purpose of leverage at mobile device business. With the help from OEM orders and subsidiary Lexar, Micron indicates the stable quarterly bit growth and slightly ASP decline. 2Q10 revenue is recorded at US$571m, up 8.3% QoQ from 1Q10, while market share is 12%; Intel sustains its 2Q10 revenue to US$302m, up 8% QoQ from 1Q10, at the manner of stable bit shipment growth and mild ASP erosion. 2Q10 Intel’s market share is 6.3%.


Note 1: 2Q10 USD/JPY=1:92, USD/KRW= 1:1165
Note 2: 1Q10 USD/JPY= 1:90.7, USD/KRW= 1:1144
Note3: Micron acquired Numonyx in May 2010.


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