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DRAMeXchange: WW DRAM revenue increase 15.2% in 2Q10

30 July 2010 Semiconductors

July 30th,2010-----According to DRAMeXchange, the research division of Trendforce, WW 2Q10 DRAM industry recorded US$10.70B, which is 15.2% QoQ growth compared of US$9.29B in 1Q10. The revenue growth is contributed  by the stable raising DRAM contract price and mild output growth. With slightly upward pricing trend for 2Q10 DRAM contract price, 2Q10 DDR3 2GB contract price went up 10%QoQ while 2Q10 DDR3 Spot average price mildly decline 3%QoQ to US$2.77. Though DDR2 1Gb spot price shows deeper downtrend, the DDR2 output is significantly lower in this quarter.

As for the capital expenditure, DRAM vendors focus more on technology migration instead of capacity expansion. According to DRAMeXchange, 2Q10 wafer starts increase 3.8% QoQ only and output increase around 10%.

According to DRAMeXchange, Samsung reaches 33.9% market share in terms of revenue with 19.1% QoQ revenue growth. With the smooth technology migration progress, 46nm and 56nm products has entered Mass Production level with stable yield rate. Samsung’s output will continue strong momentum in 2H10. Benefited from Rexchip’s smooth migration and additional 40M 1Gb contributed from PSC starting April, Elpida revenue increase 18% QoQ in 2Q10. Micron’s F3Q10 ( ends in June 3rd,2010)revenue growth rate is 10% contributed by 9% QoQ ASP increase.

As for Taiwanese vendors, PSC shows 15% QoQ revenue growth to $510M USD in 2Q10. Nanya slightly improves revenue with 10% QoQ growth and is expected to show more potential in terms of revenue with the strategy in capacity expansion and technology migration. ProMOS records 53.4% QoQ revenue growth, benefited from achieving full capacity ramp.

Korean vendors’ market share reached 55.3% and remains unchallengeable leadership status in DRAM industry. American and Japanese DRAM makers’ shares are recorded at 13.7% and 18.3% respectively, followed by Taiwanese with 12.7% shares.

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