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DRAMeXchange:All in one PC will be a better seller with Windows 7

18 May 2009 Semiconductors

 Taipei,May 18th,2009----The market segment of All in One PC (AIO) was always there since years ago, it’s just that it used to be a niche, alternative product. With the coming Windows 7, a new operating system that Microsoft will launch this year, supporting Multi-touch, Intel Atom CPU, and including Media Center Edition, which was optional in the XP era, in the Windows 7 Home Premium edition. These not only provide new interface application to the All in One PC, but also make its price more competitive while positioning as a multimedia device. According to DRAMeXchange.
 PC vendors currently lock on mature markets such as Western Europe, U.S., and Japan as the targets of All in One PC. Because of that the popularity of PC is already high in the mature markets and the current sales mostly come from repurchase, such product does have new topic features to stimulate consumes’ purchasing desire.  
 The DT (Desktop PC) market hasn’t gotten any new sales topic for a long time and that’s why many PC vendors were drawn into this All in One PC wave. Among the markets mentioned above, the All in One PC was already accepted as regular product in Japan due to its crowdedness and limited space for each person, and the brand awareness has already maturely formed. Therefore the major battle ground of All in One PC would be Western Europe and the U.S.
 Except the characters of market development, the different sales strategies of different Windows 7 edition also let the vendors first decided to focus the All in One PC on the mature markets. There are different editions of Windows 7, including Windows 7 starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, and Windows 7 Home Premium. According to the plans of Microsoft, the Starter and Home Basic editions can only be sold in the emerging markets and Home Premium edition will be majorly sold in the mature markets. Under the operating system sales limitations, Western Europe and the U.S. markets are the places where the All in One PC can fully play out the applications of Multi-touch and multimedia features.
 As far as the All in One PC market scale is concerned, the consensus of PC vendors is that the beginning growth momentum of the All in One PC will not be as strong as the Netbook, but the long term prosperity and the market share proportion it will take in the DT market may surpass the performance of Netbook in the NB market (See Table. 1). There is not screen size limitation of the All in One PC, as long as the price and performance can compete with the current DT, it will have chances to gain its market. With the support of digital home trend, if the All in One PC products are embedded during the construction of new houses, it will be adopted even more. DRAMeXchange believes that it will be seen stronger shipment momentum of the All in One PC in autumn with the launch of Windows 7 and estimates that the All in One PC will take 10% of desktop market share with the shipment scale of 3.5 million units in Q409. The annual market share of the All in One PC will be lower than 5% in 2009.


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