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DRAMeXchange expects 10 million units CULV in 2009

13 May 2009 Semiconductors

 Taipei,May 13th,2009----While considering the supply and timeliness of the CULV CPU and its related components, the CULV CPU NB shipment scale is estimated to reach 8 to 10 million units worldwide in the year 2009, and account for 7% to 9% of the traditional NB market share. Acer is expected to gain 50% or more market share of the CULV.Says DRAMeXchange.
 Since the hot selling Netbook influenced its profitability and revenue, and in order to prevent the traditional NB market being eroded, Intel strongly promoted its Consumer Ultra Low Voltage Processor (also abbreviated as CULV). The supporters including the Taiwanese PC vendors such as Acer, Asus, and MSI, all are ready to have related products launched in 1H09. Especially Acer possesses the most complete product line.According to DRAMeXchane.
The Acer NB product line equipped with CULV CPU is named “Timeline”. The screen size of Timeline starts from 13.3 inch to 15.6 inch, and the price is between 699 USD to 899 USD. Acer currently launched 13.3 inch and 14 inch model,which  ODMed  by Inventec and Wistron respectively. Including the 15.6 inch model, the Timeline shipment target of 2009 is between 5 million to 6 million units. Achieving the target will depend on whether the supply of components is sufficient.In DRAMeXchange’s point of view.
 Acer has been through close range battles in the NB market with HP and Dell. After their CULV launching schedules have been delayed for almost a quarter, HP and Dell do concern about the overlapping issues between CULV and their existing products. If they don’t act as fast and flexible as Acer does, they might only get the Q4 hot season shares and let Acer gets the first touch down.
 DRAMeXchange is confident with that global NBs shipments to grow 10% to 15% QoQ in 2Q09, and the momentum in 3Q09 depends on the response of consumer market after new models lauched in June.DRAMeXchange believes that NBs shipment will grow sequentially in 2009.


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