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Powering Ahead: 2024 Projections for Growth in the Chinese Energy Storage Market

22 February 2024

Since 2022, China has emerged as the global leader in the energy storage market. Currently, there is a noticeable surge in demand for both C

Walmart Acquires Vizio, Set to Overtake Samsung as the Largest TV Brand in the US, Says TrendForce

21 February 2024

US retail giant Walmart announced on February 20th, that it has acquired smart TV brand Vizio for US$2.3 billion, aiming to accelerate the g

Global Foldable Phone Shipments to Reach 17.7 Million in 2024, Yearly Increase Slows to 11%, Says TrendForce

21 February 2024

TrendForce reports that global shipments of foldable phones reached 15.9 million units in 2023, marking a 25% YoY increase and accounting fo

Daily Express Fab.21,2024 Spot Market Today

21 February 2024

In today’s DRAM spot market, the market momentum is weak, with the factories maintaining a strong conservative attitude. Although the suppliers shows weak quotation in order to meet the buyers’ expectations, the buyers are still not willing to accept the price. Eventually, the final trading volume is not ideal. In the mainstream category, the average price of DDR4 8G (1Gx8) 2666 rises

Powering Ahead: 2024 Projections for Growth in the European Energy Storage Market

21 February 2024

When it comes to energy storage in Europe, the initial association for most individuals is typically home energy storage. However, with the

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