[News] Apple Reportedly Accelerates Production of MR Headset “Vision Pro” for Potential February Launch

At the WWDC 23 in June this year, Apple introduced its first headset, Vision Pro. The device is set to be available for purchase as early as next year, with a price tag of USD 3,499.

According to the report citing sources by Mark Gurman, Apple has accelerated the production of the MR headset “Vision Pro” in China in recent weeks, suggesting preparations for a potential launch in February next year.

Reportedly, insiders have revealed that in the past few weeks, Apple has been in full production mode for the Vision Pro in China. The goal is to have the customer-facing business department ready by the end of January, allowing the product to debut in Apple’s retail stores in February.

Additionally, Apple has been rumored to have sent an email to software developers lately, encouraging them to use the latest tools to test their applications and submit software for feedback, indicating preparations for the Vision Pro’s imminent release.

The report highlights that the Vision Pro is Apple’s most intricate product to date. Due to its customized components, it requires assembly and packaging at the sales point, necessitating a sales strategy and equipment different from those used in the past.

As per a report by the Financial Times in May of this year, Apple initially aimed for annual sales of 3 million units for the Vision Pro, but later reduced the target to 1 million units. In July, there were further reports that due to the complex design of the Vision Pro and issues with the display yield, Apple lowered the target shipment volume from 1 million units to 400,000 units.

Considering factors such as pricing and the absence of certain essential features, TrendForce has previously anticipated a modest shipment volume of approximately 200,000 to 400,000 units for Apple Vision Pro in 2024.

The market’s response will heavily depend on the subsequent introduction of consumer-oriented Apple Vision models and the ability of Apple to offer enticing everyday functionalities that will drive the rapid growth of the AR market as a whole.

TrendForce also notes that the Apple Vision Pro boasts cutting-edge hardware specifications and innovative design. However, a substantial price tag of USD 3,499 and the requirement for an external power source to operate for a mere two hours pose challenges to consumer adoption.

Currently, the Apple Vision Pro lacks sufficient applications for mainstream users, making it more attractive to developers and enterprise customers who can capitalize on its innovative features to create diverse applications. Consequently, the higher price point of the product is justified.

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(Photo credit: Apple)

Please note that this article cites information from Bloomberg and Financial Times