[News] Foxconn’s Tech Day on 10/18 to Showcase Registered Electric Vehicles and Unveil Mass Production Plans for Sample Cars

2023-10-17 Emerging Technologies editor

Foxconn is set to host its Technology Day event on October 18, with a significant emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs). Market insiders have revealed that Foxconn will showcase its first registered electric car based on the Model C platform and unveil its plans for mass production of the Model B sample vehicle.

Foxconn’s Technology Day will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, with Chairman Young Liu sharing the strategic vision of the Foxconn Group during the morning session. Foxconn will also unveil its electric vehicle and semiconductor strategies. Partners in Foxconn’s electric vehicle strategy will engage in discussions. It is expected that Jensen Huang, the founder of NVIDIA, a prominent chip design company, will share updates on their collaboration with Foxconn regarding automotive chips and applications during Foxconn Technology Day.

Foxconn recently released short videos on their official Facebook page, teasing the production version of their electric logistics concept vehicles, Model N and the urban-friendly Model B. On the upcoming Technology Day, which falls on the 18th of the month, around noon, Foxconn is set to unveil their new electric vehicles.

According to a report by the CNA, market insiders disclosed to reporters that Foxconn’s Technology Day will showcase the debut of Luxgen’s first registered electric passenger car, built around the Model C platform. The event is expected to reveal the production plans for the Model B and might also introduce new color options for the production version of Model B. However, Foxconn has declined to provide any official comments on these speculations.

As part of the Foxconn-Luxgen joint venture, Foxtron Vehicle has previously stated that the Model B sample vehicle is slated to make its debut in October. Market analysts expect the earliest launch of the Model B sample vehicle to target the Taiwanese market, with the progression aligning with the sales performance of Luxgen’s first electric passenger car.

Foxtron Vehicle has unveiled several EV prototypes, including Model B, Model C, Model E, and Model T. The production version of the Model T electric bus is already available in Taiwan, while the Model C electric passenger car has been designed for mass production and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year. The Model C’s international release is forecasted for the third quarter of 2025.

(Photo credit: Foxconn)