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Smartphone Market Decode_4Q22


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TrendForce, a global market intelligence firm for the technology sectors, proudly presents “Smartphone Market Decode” – a quarterly research report that synergizes the resources of several in-house analyst teams such as the Department of Semiconductor Research, the Department of Display Research, the Department of ICT Application Research, etc.

In addition to the first-hand data on the device production figures of the major electronics brands and the latest overview of the supply chains for the key components, Smartphone Market Decode also covers the relevant topics pertaining to technological innovations and development trends. The report assists enterprises in adapting to the rapidly changing market environment by providing the most real-time and professional industry knowledge that can be used to make the best operational decisions.

Smartphone Production Showed First Peak-Season Drop in Years and Totaled About 289 Million Units for 3Q22 as Brands Kept Lowering Production Targets Amidst of Slow Channel Inventory Consumption


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Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that smartphone brands originally maintained a fairly conservative device production plan for 3Q22 as they had prioritized consumption of channel inventory for whole devices...

4Q22 Mobile Datasheet


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Mobile DRAM and Mobile NAND Flash latest market supply/demand update.

Total iPhone Production for 4Q22 Has Been Cut Slightly as Production Lines in Zhengzhou Temporarily Keep Capacity Utilization Rates Around 70% Due to Dynamic Zero-COVID Policy




Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan Province and one of the world’s major electronics manufacturing hubs...

Apple Raises Shipment Shares of iPhone 14 Pro Due to Strong Sales, but Total iPhone Shipments for 1Q23 Have Been Cut Slightly


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TrendForce’s Department of Semiconductor Research reports that Apple’s newly released iPhone 14 series has created a certain level of product differentiation with its processor performance...