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TrendForce Reports a 0.7% YoY Growth beyond Expectation for 2017 Notebook Shipments; Apple Exceeded ASUS to Rank No. 4

Market research firm TrendForce reports that the global notebook shipments for this third quarter registered a remarkable quarterly increase of 6.8% and a year-on-year increase of 0.9%, reaching 42.69 million units. The overall performance of notebook shipments brought by peak season exceeded the previous expectations.

The global notebook shipments for 2017 are estimated to reach 162.4 million units, and the annual shipments performance will change from decline to growth with a growth rate of 0.7% since the first half of 2017 has recorded a heightened basis period, while the market leaders HP and Lenovo have showed a considerable growth in the second half of the year, pointed out Kou-Han Tseng, TrendForce’s notebook analyst.

HP posted a new high in its quarterly shipments which increased by 17.6%, and Lenovo tried hard to catch up

HP recorded strong performance in this third quarter, reaching a single-season shipment of 11 million units for the first time with a quarterly increase of 17.6%. It is expected to have another 0.3% sequential growth in the fourth quarter. Till the end of this year, HP is expected to achieve the annual goal of 40 million units, which will secure its first place in 2017 global notebook shipments ranking.

Lenovo has recovered from the gloom in the first half of the year, and has caught up in the second half. In addition to actively promoting existing models in the market, Lenovo also enhanced its regional sales thanks to the gradual recovery of the European economy. It recorded 8.58 million units for the third quarter shipments with a quarterly growth 6.5%. In the fourth quarter, it is estimated to have another 1 ~ 3% growth.

As for Dell, it continued the second-quarter shipments of commercial notebooks, and reached 665 million units in the third quarter shipments with a quarter-on-quarter increase of 1.4%, maintaining its third place in ranking.

MacBook Pro continued strong shipments with new products, Apple exceeded ASUS to rank the fourth

Apple continued the strong shipments of 12-inch products in the second quarter, and focused on the new models of MacBook Pro in the third quarter, recording the third quarter shipments of 4.43 million units and an increase of 11.3%. It exceeded ASUS to rank the fourth in this third quarter.

ASUS and Acer ranked fifth and sixth, with the shipments of 3.82 million and 3.31 million units respectively. With the growing popularity of light gaming notebooks, ASUS and Acer will continue to work on this market in the fourth quarter. In addition, Acer is expected to benefit from the recovered demand in Europe, so the shipments of these two brands are estimated to grow in the fourth quarter by 6.5% and 0.2 % respectively.

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