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TrendForce: UHD TVs fast penetrating China market

Approximately 14 million 4K2K – ultra-high definition (UHD) – television sets will be shipped globally in 2014, penetrating 6-7% of the overall TV market, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce. Chinese vendors, including Skyworth, Changhong and Hisense, have the highest penetration rates. The six largest Chinese brands, which also include Konka, TCL and Haier, will achieve a 13-15% penetration rate in the UHD TV market this year. 

“China’s six major 4K2K TV brands price their products very competitively,” said Anita Wang, a research manager at WitsView. “Other vendors can’t offer such an attractive price proposition.” In August, the retail price difference in China between 65” 4K2K 3D and FHD 3D televisions was 32%, but in other markets as high as 63%, she said. As a result, Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase 4K2K televisions, Wang added. 

LCD monitors are also starting to become available in UHD and feature attractive price tags. For example, the 28”W 4K2K monitor retailed at an average of just US$630 in August. In the coming months, panel makers will continue to introduce new 4K2K monitors in different sizes. Notably, Samsung will launch a 23.6"W model which will be priced lower than the existing 23.8” W. That will help to further drive down retail prices and stimulate 4K2K monitor demand. Meanwhile, Apple will release the 27” W 5K3K high-resolution iMac by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014. That product is expected to spur a new wave of demand for ultra high-resolution monitors. 


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