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DRAMeXchange: NB ODM expand non NB product lines aggressively given fierce competition and slower growth momentum

29 September 2010 Consumer Electronics

DRAMeXchange: NB ODM expand non NB product lines aggressively given fierce competition and slower growth momentum

According to DRAMeXchange, the research department of Trendforce, 2Q10 gross profit margin of NB-ODMs has been impact by the raising raw material costs and further penetration of EMS vendors. Inventec GPM has declined 18.9% pts to 4.2% in 2Q10 from 5.2% in 1Q0 while Quanta indicated the GPM below 4%. Compal and Pegatron is less impact benefited by product mix and strategy. However, we see Wistron’s margin has surged to 5.8% in 2Q10 from 5.3% in 1Q10 due to diversified strategy and product mix. 

Quanta expose 22% revenue contribution in their non-NB product lines and expect to reach 25% by the year end. Compal only has NB and TV in their product mix and 5%-6% is reached in 1H10 and 10% is aimed by the year end, which shows a good support for their margin. Wistron’s NB exposure has been declined to 67% in 2Q10 from 71% in 1Q10 given the diversification in TV, monitor, server and Desktop. We forecast non-NB products can account 35% by the year end. Inventec aggressively expand their business in server that it accounts 20% of revenue. Pegatron also look into TV, game consoles, communication and other consumer electronics. Non-NB portion is 22% in 1Q10 and 29% in 2Q10.

DRAMeXchange expect NB shipment pattern will indicate 50:50=1H:2H given the revised down forecast that 2010 total NB shipment will be recorded at 190M units. From the observation of component and channel, 4Q10 NB shipment will heavily rely on the channel inventory condition and real demand for Christmas sales. Compared with historical data, NB shipment YoY is revised down to 18.5.% from 25%-30%.

As for 2011, NB market will be slowed down by netbook and tablet PC. Over 20% growth will no longer the common picture of NB product. According to DRAMeXchange, 2011 NB shipment growth rate is expected to be 18% YoY given the better macro economy outlook. However, NB ODM margin will have challenge with the competition from EMS and ASP erosion. Besides the vertical integration, non-NB product lines has become another catalyst to maintain the GP margin.


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