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[Selected Topics] 2024 Market Outlook on Smart Home Devices – Gaming Consoles, TVs, and Smart Speakers


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As the undersupply issues with game consoles had gradually eased, the deferred market demand drove up the sales of game consoles in 2023. However, considering the instability of the global economy, if the economic environment and consumer market demand did improve in the fourth quarter of 2023, it would cause console buyers to postpone the upgrading of their devices in 2024. Regarding the trends in the development of TVs in 2023, the focus was on improving the specifications and expanding the functionalities of TVs. In 2024, it is expected that there will be a shift towards larger sizes, further smart home integration, and AI-enabled enhancement of display performance. Finally, in the realm of smart speakers, due to current limitations, the development focus in 2024 will be on the influence of the Matter standard on smart home connectivity and whether generative AI can further enhance the capability of voice assistants.


Table of Contents
1. Game Consoles

  (1) Current Status and Future Prospects of the Global Game Console Market
  (2) Tech Giants Are Entering the Handheld Console Market via Cloud Streaming; Continuous
  Device Optimization and Content Growth Are Expected in 2024
  (3) Netflix Launches Game Streaming Service Testing, Leveraging User Base and IP Advantages

2. TVs
  (1) Current Status and Future Prospects of the Global TV Market
  (2) Analysis of Major TV Brands and Their Key Offerings

3. Smart Speakers
  (1) Current Status and Future Prospects of the Global Smart Speaker Market
  (2) With the Release of the Matter 1.2 Standard, Interoperability Has Become a Key Factor in
  Determining the Importance of Smart Speakers within the Smart Home Ecosystem
  (3) Generative AI Empowers Voice Assistant and Has the Potential to Increase Added Value of Smart Speakers

4. TRI’s View 
  (1) Gaming Console Market Strive for Stability, and Cloud Streaming Will Drive Development of
  Handheld Consoles and Gaming Services on Video Platforms
  (2) TV Shipments Are Projected to Grow Due to Major Sporting Events, and Key Trends in
  Development of TVs Include Larger Display Size, Flexible Deployment and AI
  (3) Smart Speaker Market Continues to Shrink and Will Have to Rely on the Matter Standard and
  AI to Strengthen Applications and Added Value for Related Products

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