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[Selected Topics] Analysis of Li-Fi Technology and Development of Related Market


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The IEEE officially released the 802.11bb standard in July 2023, thereby providing a definition for the mutual support specifications of Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) devices. With the publication of this standard for wireless communication, the major Li-Fi technology providers have been actively exploring the related crucial application scenarios and developing corresponding solutions. Additionally, Li-Fi is expected to play a vital role in achieving comprehensive terrestrial network coverage in the 6G era.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Li-Fi Technology

  (1) Characteristics of Li-Fi Technology
  (2) Latest Progress in Development of Li-Fi Applications

2. Trends in Market for Li-Fi Technology
  (1) Latest Developments in Global Market for Li-Fi Technology
  (2) Li-Fi Is Poised to Play a Key Role in 6G Era as It Can Realize Indoor and Outdoor Short-Range
  (3) Bottlenecks in Development of Li-Fi

3. Major Providers of Li-Fi Solutions
  (1) Major Solution Providers Are Actively Deploying Li-Fi Systems and Developing Applications
  (2) Major Solution Providers Focus on Li-Fi Transceivers and Antennas for Terminal Devices as They Aim
  to Raise Li-Fi Penetration Rate among Users

4. Opportunities for Taiwan-Based Companies

5. TRI’s View
  (1) Li-Fi Can Be Integrated with RIS to Achieve Comprehensive Terrestrial Network Coverage in 6G Era
  (2) Major Li-Fi Device Manufacturers Are Actively Developing Key Applications to Increase Li-Fi Users
  (3) Major Taiwan-Based Optoelectronics Companies Have Capabilities to Develop Li-Fi Components and
  Are Currently Evaluating Growth Potential of Li-Fi Business

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