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[Selected Topics] Chinese Suppliers Shift Focus to 12-inch and IGBT amidst Decelerating Growth of Power Semiconductors


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Power semiconductors are the core of energy conversion and circuit control in electronic devices, playing vital roles in power conversion, amplification, switching, circuit protection, and rectification in electronic circuits. They are primarily used for altering voltage and frequency, as well as converting DC to AC in electronic devices. Power semiconductors have a key and extensive role in fields such as automobiles, industry, railway transportation, and power.  As the new energy sector grows, particularly in solar energy and electric vehicles, power semiconductors such as IGBT and MOS are also becoming increasingly important in the realm of sustainable energy.


Table of Contents
1. Observing the Status of China’s Power Semiconductor Market through the Lens of Wafer Suppliers

  (1) Leading Chinese Wafer Suppliers Experience Slowdown in Revenue Growth
  (2) Power Semiconductor Foundries Experience Decline in Revenue Growth

2. Status of China’s Power Semiconductor Industry
  (1) Top 10 Chinese Power Semiconductor Suppliers Experience Slowdown in Business Growth
  (2) Growth Slows Down for Leading Chinese IDMs
  (3) Capacities of CR Micro and Silan

3. China’s Deployment in Power Semiconductors
(1) Sales Structure of Leading Chinese IDMs
  (2) Power Semiconductor Enters 12-inch Era
  (3) IGBT to Become Core Growth Driver for Power Semiconductors

4. TRI’s View
  (1) Growth of Chinese Wafer Suppliers Slow Down to Declining Prospect in Downstream Consumer
  Electronics and Communication Industries
  (2) IGBT Becomes Growth Driver as Power Semiconductor Market Decelerates
  (3) Leading Chinese Power Semiconductor Suppliers Currently Branching Out from 8-Inch to 12-Inch

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