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[Selected Topics] 2023 Smartwatch Market Insights: Strategies Unveiled at Apple Watch Launch


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The 2023 smartwatch market reveals a new strategic direction for brands. Smartwatches have emerged as a new channel for market dynamism as the growth of established consumer electronics like smartphones decelerates. Despite a positive growth trajectory—influenced by demand transitioning from smart bracelets—an uncertain global economic climate continues to loom above. Challenges such as reduced consumer spending power and disappointing sales in 2022’s fourth-quarter peak season have necessitated a downward adjustment in 2023’s smartwatch market forecasts, now expected to reach 130 million units.

The shipment landscape for brands in 2023 largely mirrors that of 2023, indicating stability amid market fluctuations. During these unstable times, the push for innovation and the introduction of new products remain constant, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the smartphone sector.


Table of Contents
1. Global Smartwatch Industry Development and Current Trends

2. Industry Analysis: Smartwatch Development by Leading Manufacturers
  (1) Apple’s S9 and Ultra 2: Synchronized Chip Upgrades and Enhanced Specifications and Applications
  (2) Samsung Revives the Physical Rotating Bezel, Distinct Advantages with High-End Watch Pro 5
  (3) Huawei Watch GT4: A Stylish Blend of Health and Fitness
  (4) Garmin Continues its “Sea of Watches” Strategy, Concentrating on Specialized Niche Market Demands

3. Smartwatch Industry Trends and Manufacturer Strategies
  (1) Conservative Upgrades by Manufacturers due to Global Economic Downturn and Slowing Replacement
  (2) Manufacturers Diversify Risk by Continuously Patenting Wearable Tech and Accessories
  (3) Overcoming Bottlenecks in New Health Management Technologies: Leveraging AI for Improved
  Monitoring Accuracy and Innovative Applications

4. TRI’s View
  (1) Global Economic Downturn Drags Down Smartwatch Market, 130 Million Units Estimated to Ship in
  (2) Adopting a Prudent Approach: Manufacturers’ Shift to Incremental Upgrades and Diversified R&D Amid
  Market Fluctuations
  (3) AI as a Strategic Focus: Key Players Unite on Enhancing Precision and Pioneering New Applications

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