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Research Reports

[Selected Topics] “New Vision” for Smartphone Camera – An Analysis on the Development of CMOS Image Sensors


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CMOS image sensor (CIS) is the core component of a smartphone camera module, and its size and design architecture have a decisive impact on image quality. The optical format, which is the shape and size of the image sensor, is crucial for imaging. A larger optical format or optical size allows for capturing more light, thereby providing higher imaging resolution and a higher dynamic range. Hence, the larger the CMOS image sensor, the better the smartphone camera performs in low-light conditions. Conversely, a smaller optical format restricts the amount of light captured and results in a smaller pixel size. This ultimately leads to a drop in image quality.

The designs and technologies related to CIS units embedded in smartphone camera modules continue to evolve. Through innovations, CIS units now provide smartphones with more advanced and outstanding performance in terms of photography and imaging.


Table of Contents
1. Analysis of the Market for Smartphone CIS

2. Analysis of Trends in Development of CIS

3. Analysis of Designs and Offerings from CIS Suppliers

4. TRI’s View
  (1) Pixel Size and Pixel Count of Image Sensors for Smartphone Cameras Will Not Continuously Increase
  (2) Future Trends in Upgrading of Smartphone Camera Modules

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