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[Selected Topics] Advancements and Supplier Trends in the Communication Sphere of Smart Cockpits


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The global rise of smart cars has pushed the automotive industry toward developing smart cockpits—in addition to advancements in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the deployment of smart roads. This strategic move aims to accelerate the commercialization timeline of smart vehicles. This report will delve into smart cockpit development trends from a communication perspective, while also exploring the current status of international automakers and suppliers in the realm of communication-related smart cockpits.


Table of Contents
1. Communication Technology in Smart Vehicle-Related Trends

2. Observing the Development of Smart Cockpits from a Communication Perspective
(1) Smart Cockpit Applications: A Communication Perspective
  (2) Challenges in Smart Cockpit Development

3. Industry Developments
  (1) Automaker Updates: While European and US automakers are in the nascent stages of developing
  communication-based smart cockpit applications, their Chinese counterparts are already advancing in
  practical implementation
  (2) Supplier Updates: European and US suppliers are penetrating the global smart cockpit market by
  providing international automakers with OTA technology and cybersecurity software
  (3) Trends and Growth Prospects for Taiwanese Manufacturers: Focusing on In-Car Entertainment
  Systems and AR HUD Hardware to Enter the Global Smart Cockpit Market

4. TRI’s View
  (1) While European and US automakers are in the early stages of developing in-car entertainment and
  HUD systems for intelligent cockpits, Chinese automakers have already successfully implemented these
  (2) European and US Suppliers are entering the global smart cockpit market by focusing on OTA updates
  and cybersecurity
  (3) Taiwanese manufacturers, focusing on the development of IVI systems and AR HUD hardware, are
  poised to make a significant entry into the global smart cockpit market

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