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[Selected Topics] The Future of Vietnam’s Electronic Manufacturing Industry


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In the past, China’s abundant, inexpensive labor drew industry into its territory, over time developing a complete industrial chain that solidified China’s status as a manufacturing giant. Numerous factors, however, have impelled manufacturers to expand their horizons, in pursuit of risk diversification and cost reduction. Considering the heavy reliance of the electronic manufacturing industry on energy, logistics, and manpower, Vietnam—possessing geographic advantages, well-developed infrastructure, ample labor force, and political and economic stability—emerged as the preferred choice.


Table of Contents
1. Reshaping the Supply Chain: Vietnam Emerges as an Electronics Manufacturing Hub
   (1) South Korean manufacturers continue to expand their presence in Vietnam
   (2) Apple’s supply chain expedites its migration
   (3) Supply chains for laptops and servers are forming new clusters
   (4) There is a growing need for de-Sinification of network communication products to meet
   the demands of Western clients

2. The Vietnamese Government’s Persistent Efforts to Attract Foreign Investment Fuels the Electronic Industry
  (1) Abundant labor fulfilling extensive manpower requirements of electronics manufacturing
  (2) Strategic geographic location and vast trade agreements bolster export advantages
  (3) Government policies push Industry 4.0, enhancing manufacturing capabilities
  (4) The Vietnamese government is actively promoting infrastructure and energy transformation

3. TRI's View
  (1) The electronics industry is rapidly forming a complete supply chain in Vietnam
  (2) Multiple factors are pushing the electronics industry to shift from China to Vietnam

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