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DRAM Demand Bit Growth Forecasted to Reach New Low in 2023 as Hyperinflation Continues to Impact Consumer Demand; NAND Flash Content per Box Could Increase Due to Price Elasticity of Demand


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Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that shipments of NBs and smartphones in 1H22 were impacted by a demand freeze in the wider consumer electronics market...

Eager to Sell, DRAM Suppliers Cut Prices in Order to Get Smartphone Brands Lock in Procurement Quantity for Mobile DRAM in Advance


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TrendForce’s Department of Semiconductor Research reports that the overall consumer demand has weakened rapidly due to recent events such as the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai...

Mobile DRAM Industry Analysis-2Q22


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Smartphone production totaled 310 million units for 1Q22, down by 12.8% QoQ. Smartphone brands posted weak production performances in 1Q22 because they were adjusting their channel inventories and felt the demand slump of the traditional off-season...

Smartphone Market Decode_2Q22


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TrendForce, a global market intelligence firm for the technology sectors, proudly presents “Smartphone Market Decode” – a quarterly research report that synergizes the resources of several in-house analyst teams such as the Department of Semiconductor Research, the Department of Display Research, the Department of ICT Application Research, etc.

In addition to the first-hand data on the device production figures of the major electronics brands and the latest overview of the supply chains for the key components, Smartphone Market Decode also covers the relevant topics pertaining to technological innovations and development trends. The report assists enterprises in adapting to the rapidly changing market environment by providing the most real-time and professional industry knowledge that can be used to make the best operational decisions.