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TrendForce: LED Lamp Retail Price Fluctuate in Sept.

23 October 2013 LED Terri Wang

Global Average Selling Price (ASP) for 40W equiv. LED lamp was up 2.8 percent to US$ 16.2 in Sept. 2013, according to a latest LED lamp ASP survey by LEDinside, a research subsidiary of TrendForce. Few new products were released worldwide last month. Global 60W equiv. LED lamp was down 2.5 percent to US$ 21.4. Price plunge was most evident in U.S., as top North American lighting brands and wholesalers begin releasing super competitive-priced products. The implemented strategy has obviously stimulated purchases.

40W equiv. LED lamp products cause price fluctuations

Global 40W equiv. LED bulb ASP was up 2.8% to US$ 16.2. Regional performance as listed below:

  • In UK prices increased 5.8 percent in Sept. 2013, due to price fluctuations in existing LED products. Certain product prices were adjusted upwards, while sales for a portion of low priced products was terminated. In addition, falls in exchange rates also led to higher prices.
  • Germany also saw 40W equiv. LED lamp ASP rise 1.9% last month, due to plunging currency exchange rates and existing products price fluctuations.
  • However, in Japan 40W equiv. LED lamp ASP fell 2.1 percent due to steady decline in product prices, and an uptick in currency exchange rates.
  • In U.S., product ASP grew 2.2 percent in September. Sales of existing product prices were terminated, while remaining product prices fluctuated. 
  • Prices in Korea experienced an incremental increase of 1.4 percent, due to decreased currency exchange rates. Basically existing product prices remained flat.
  • Product ASP in China remained unchanged at US$ 10.2 for September, and no new products were released that month.
  • In Taiwan 40W Equiv. LED lamps experienced a larger ASP increase of 8.1 percent. Some low priced products had put an end to promotion and sales, while other product prices were stabilized. In addition, lower currency exchange also led to upward price climb.


U.S. 60W equiv. LED prices plunge most in Sept.

Global 60W equiv. LED ASP dipped 2.5 percent in Sept. to US$ 21.4. Regional performance as below:

  • U.S. product prices plunge 15.2 percent, with some existing products temporarily exiting the market. New products launched on the market include lower priced Walmart’s Great Value brand bulbs. Other product prices were either stable or continued to decline.
  • In Japan, prices were down one percent to US$ 21.3 in September. Existing product prices declined stably, and no new products emerged in the region.
  • In Korea, prices were down two percent, while remaining product prices were stabilized.
  • In UK prices increased slightly by 0.1 percent in September. Basically, original product prices grew stably, mainly due to decline in exchange rates that led to increased product prices. Prices for new products were much lower.
  • In Germany, prices were down 1.6 percent in September. Existing product prices were stable or declined slightly. No new products emerged in the region.
  • China and Taiwan’s 60W equiv. LED prices were up 2.9 percent and 2 percent respectively. Some existing products had discontinued sales in both regions, while remaining products experienced price fluctuations. In addition, decline in currency exchange rates also led to increase in prices.


Market competition intensifies, large manufacturers and distribution channels launch low price products

Market ASP continued price fluctuations in Sept. 2013, but as market competition intensifies price cuts are also becoming more evident, according to LEDinside observations. Manufacturers have launched low priced products in regional markets, such as Unilumen’s joint venture with luminaire manufacturer Hugewin, a leader in online LED sales. The two companies have established Unilumen-Hugewin (literal translation) that will take advantage of Unilumen’s product plus cost advantages, while making use of Hugewin’s distribution channel advantages to launch a competitive priced LED lamp. In the U.S. market, Walmart’s launch of its own brand of Great Value LED lamp product prices are even lower than the bottom price in U.S. One of the 60W equiv. LED lamp without dimming functions is sold at US$ 8.88, while the dimmable 60W equiv. LED lamp is sold at US$ 9.88. The lamps are being sold in U.S. shops and on Walmart website.

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