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LED Chipmakers Continued to Post Historic High Revenues, observed LEDinside

14 October 2009 LED

200910/14------According to survey of the industry research institute LEDinside, Taiwan's listed LED manufacturers recorded total revenue of NT 6.927 billion in September 2009, a 7.2% growth from August and a 18.9% growth YoY – of which, LED chip makers’ total revenue in September gained 4.6% to NT 2.938 billion, while LED packagers posted NT 3.989 billion, 9.2% growth MoM.

       Based on LEDinside’s observation of recent market dynamics, downstream packagers’ revenue in September continued to grow; however, as Q4 marks the beginning of a traditionally slow season, packagers’ order visibility was reduced by 1 to 2 weeks from the original 5 to 6 weeks.
Of all the orders, demand for small- to mid-sized handset backlight is expected to slide as shipments of handset gradually weaken. Mobile brand vendors have decreased LED orders while the demand from white brand handsets is still strong, though its order visibility is also low. As for mid- and large-sized backlight, panel makers are adjusting their LED inventory levels in Q4, which will deter the revenue growth in downstream packagers. Capacity utilization of upstream (In)GaN LED chipmakers is still fully-loaded, and revenue in Q4 is expected to see persistent growth as the new MOCVD equipment are installed by upstream chipmakers.

       Taiwan chipmakers recorded total revenue of NT2.938 billion in September, a 4.6% growth MoM, and 30.1% YoY. Under the supply shortage in upstream chips, chipmakers that have the capacity to supply large quantities LEDs for backlight applications, such as Epistar, FOREPI, Huga Optotech, and Tekcore, continue to post high revenues in September.

      Downstream LED packagers recorded total revenue of NT3.989 billion in September, (MoM +9.2%, YoY +11%) with output already surpassing the standard of the same period last year. Leading LED packager Everlight hit a historic high as it recorded NT 1.170 billion in revenue. Unity Opto benefitted from strong backlight demand of mid- and large-sized models, and continued to record high revenue of NT 462 million (MoM +9.1%). Harvatek, with application in white-brand handsets accounting for a large part of the company’s revenue, posted sales revenue of NT 300 million in September (MoM +14.7%).




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