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WitsView: Panel shipments in 2Q09 are expected to increase by 20.9% QoQ

23 April 2009 Display

Taipei, April 7, 2009---In the start of 2009, large-sized panel shipments finally started to show encouraging signs of growth again. Moreover, as inventory in the general supply chain remain low, rush orders continue to be placed, thereby fueling optimism toward the TFT-LCD market outlook. Indeed, considering the low shipment base level in Dec08, low utilization rates, fewer working days and Chinese Lunar New Year holidays in Jan09 and Feb09, more robust monthly shipments were observed for Feb09. Nevertheless, from a QoQ standpoint, WitsView projects panel shipments to reach 75.66 million units, still down by 10.8% from 4Q08. Although the quarterly decline will be smaller over the previous quarter, double-digits drops will still occur. This shows that the projected 1Q09 quarterly shipments will likely be at a relatively low point, according to WitsView's analyst.

Looking at the 2Q09 market demand, underpinned by the strong inventory restocking, the order visibility of monitor panels has been extended at least to May09. Although the supply of the 16:9 panels remains tight, a stronger end market rebound will be the more important driving force behind forthcoming monitor panel shipment growth and price increases. Meanwhile, demand is still sluggish in the NB panel segment, rendering the inventory to be at higher levels now. Hopefully, when major PC vendors start to launch new NB models in 2Q09, it will help drive up the NB panel demand. Finally, thanks to the delay in relevant LCD TV purchases from last year and China’s “Home Appliances to the Countryside” policy, small-sized LCD TV panel shipments have sharply increased. The 40” and above panel shipments should also grow in 2Q09, due to the release of new TV models.

According to WitsView’s forecasts, the panel shipments in 2Q09 are expected to increase to 91.46 million units, up by 20.9% QoQ. Amid the still uncertain global economic climate, the panel shipment performance in 2Q09 will be a key observation point in accessing the demand and supply dynamics in 2H09. Although there is no reason to be overly pessimistic for the time being, the many existing market uncertainties should not be overlooked. All things considered, WitsView currently holds a conservatively optimistic outlook toward the forthcoming LCD panel demand.

Worldwide large size TFT-LCD panel shipment between 4Q08~2Q09


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