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Foundry Market Bulletin_20220919

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  • Foundry Biweekly Market Bulletin

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  • 2022-09-19

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Looking at the performance of TSMC's 8-inch capacity utilization rate, the market officially entered a period of inventory adjustment at the start of 2H22 and customers have successively revised their foundry wafer input orders to reduce inventory pressure...


Ken Kuo

Joanne Chiao

Eden Chung

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Pertaining to how UMC mentioned from its 4Q22 earnings call that the HV (High Voltage) process would evolve from the current mainstream 28nm to 17nm in the future...

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Wafer Foundries


Sluggish end consumer demand, as well as continuous inventory revisions among clients, had dragged down TSMC’s overall wafer shipment by a QoQ of roughly 7% in 4Q22...

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Wafer Foundries


Samsung foundry generated a QoQ increase of roughly 2.4% in 4Q22 revenue (calculated in KRW), and US$5.6 billion (calculated in US$) under a minor QoQ growth of approximately 1%...