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Progress in Importation of US Equipment Dispels Doubts on SMIC’s Capacity Expansion for Mature Nodes for Now

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  • 2021-03-04

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The latest investigation by the Semiconductor Research Department of TrendForce finds that the major suppliers of WFE (wafer fab equipment) in the US are progressing smoothly in...


Ken Kuo

Simon Kuo

Foundry Special Report Related Reports

Update on Shutdown of Hsinta Power Plant on May 13 and Its Impact on Taiwan’s Foundry and Wafer Fabs


DRAM , NAND Flash , Wafer Foundries


Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that the Hsinta Power Plant in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City was shut down unexpectedly at 2:37 p.m. on May 13...

Impact of Power Outage on TSMC Fab14 P7 Is Still Being Assessed; Automotive MCU and CIS Logic Will Be Hit the Hardest


Wafer Foundries


Market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that TSMC’s Fab14 P7 in the Southern Taiwan Science Park suffered a power outage on April 14th...

Power Outage at TSMC’s Fab14 P7 May Affect Supply of Multiple Smartphone Components and Automotive MCU


Wafer Foundries


As indicated by the global market intelligence firm TrendForce, a power outage had occurred in TSMC’s Fab14 P7 in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) due to the accidental pipeline scission from the fab relocation in the nearby area...