Smartphone and NB Production Are Most Affected by Low Return-to-Work Rate After February 10; Impacts of Coronavirus Outbreak on Future Developments of

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  • Update : 2020-02-15
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The state of production in China’s electronics supply chain is the main theme of TrendForce’s ongoing coverage of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on...

Ken Kuo
Research Vice President
Research Field: DRAM, Server DIMM, Consumer DRAM
Avril Wu
Senior Research Director
Research Field: DRAM Supply Chain & Related End Markets (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Smartphones)
Alan Chen
Research Director
Research Field: NAND Flash, SSD, NAND Flash Controller, UFD, Memory Card
Mia Huang
Research Manager
Research Field: Mobile DRAM, Smartphone
Ray Hsieh
Senior Analyst
Research Field: DRAM Supply Chain (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Consumer DRAM)
Mark Liu
Senior Analyst
Research Field: Datacenter, Server DRAM, Server CPU & Related Server Supply Chain
Ben Yeh
Research Field: NAND Flash and eMMC
Bryan Ao
Research Field: Enterprise SSDs, NAND Flash Market