LED Industry Price Survey- 2Q19

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  • Update : 2019-06-06
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
  • Format : EXCEL

Sapphire, GaAs, LED Chip LED Package (Backlight, Lighting, Automotive, Digital Display, UV, IR LED, VCSEL)

Roger Chu
Research Vice President
Research Field: LED, Micro LED, Lighting and Backlighting, etc.
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: LED Chip and Package Market, UV LED, Infrared (LED, VCSEL), Projection and Video Wall Market Trends
Figo Wang
Chief Research Analyst/Research Director
Research Field: China's LED chip, packaging, lighting and display market trends
Allen Yu
Senior Research Analyst
Research Field: China's LED chip, packaging and related industries, including sapphire, brackets, equipment, phosphors, etc., UV, IR and other fields
Terri Wang
Senior Research Analyst
Research Field: Automotive lighting market, Global lighting market, LED packaging, etc.
Max Chen
Research Field: BLU and Micro-LED