2019 IT Products and Backlight Market Trend

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LED Backlight Market Scale Forecast TV and Notebook Computer Shipment Estimate Cellphone and Tablet Computer Shipment Estimate Backlight LED Shipment Estimate Backlight LED Package Market Scale Output Value Estimate Backlight Display Application Trend Backlight Display Application Trend HDR & WCG Market Specification Requirements Application Trend of Edge type Backlight for HDR Application Trend of Direct-Type Backlight for HDR Application Trend of Wide Color Gamut Wide Color Gamut Application Solution of Backlight Display Wide Color Gamut Display Solution Trend Wide Color Gamut Solution Specification Backlight Trend of Automotive Display Interior Display Categories Interior Display Backlight Application Trend Development Relevance Between Interior Display and Automobile

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED Industry
Max Chen
Research Field: BLU and Micro-LED