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2017 Stage Lighting, Filament Lamp, and OLED Lighting Market- 3Q17

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    LEDinside: 2017 Stage Lighting, Filament, and OLED Lighting Market Trend According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, Global Lighting Market Report- 3Q17 Stage Light, Filament Lamp and OLED Lighting Market Trend Report- Stage lighting and filament lamp market scale sufficiently grows annually, benefited from market demand. Topic One: Stage Lighting Market, Product, Player Trend According to LEDinside analysis, the global LED stage lighting market scale sufficiently increased by 14% to USD 745 million in 2017 from USD 655 million in 2016. As the technology of LED lighting gradually takes hold, the price of LED stage lights keeps dropping. The growth of its market scale in the following years will slow down while currently it is continuously growing. By 2020, the estimated market size is likely to surpass USD 1 billion. The global stage light source market has reached a size of USD 382 million, among which a share of approximately USD 150 million is contributed by LED light sources, with the LED penetration rate at 39%. The market size of traditional stage light source has been shrinking in recent years, while LED light sources surges relatively fast. Therefore, stage lighting market has already become the market attention. LED stage lighting mainly emphasizes the quality of light, heat dissipation, and light distribution. In addition, LED stage lights have several advantages over conventional ones- more efficient, higher color quality, longer lifespans and easier to use. Meanwhile, they also encounter challenges including: higher production cost, less diverse specifications, and inconsistent quality. At present, companies such as OSRAM, Everlight, and Lightning Optoelectronic are gradually launching their stage lighting LED products, including mono-color and multi-color lights, enabling high luminous intensity and efficiency. LEDinside makes the research on eight stage lighting 8 manufacturers, lots of them focus on products’ research and development(R&D) and have obtained a large number of patents of invention. Most of them also integrate with arms ranging from R&D, production, sales to service for stage lighting products. The LED stage lights include many different types, such as moving head light, film and TV light、image-forming light, effect light and gobo light etc. Topic Two: Filament Lamp Market Trend According to LEDinside analysis, in 2016, global LED filament lamp market demand was 150 million pcs. In 2017, the market demand is predicted to hit 300 million pcs, up 100% YoY. As for branding development, LEDinside estimates that LEDVANCE and Philips Lighting are the top two filament lamp branding vendor. Moreover, filament OEM supply majorly comes from Chinese manufacturers.


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