2017 TV & Automotive Panel Market Analysis- 2Q17

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2017 TV & Automotive Panel Market Analysis  2017 TV & Automotive Panel Market Analysis- Summary  Different Display Technology in Applications Topic One: 2017 TV Market Trend  2016-2021 TV Shipment Forecast  2016-2017 TV Size Trend  2017 TV Shipment By Brand  2016-2017 TV Road Map  2017-2018 TV WCG Solutions  2017 LED in Edge-Type TV Application  2017 LED in Direct-Type TV Application  CSP LED Penetration Rate- Increasing HDR Market Demand Speeds Up CSP LEDs  Advanced TV Development- QLED TV  Advanced TV Development- OLED TV  Advanced TV Development- Laser TV Topic Two: 2017 Automotive Panel Market Trend  Automotive Panel LED Market Value- Increasing Demand to Raise LED Market Value  Automotive Panel- Application Opportunity and Functional Demand  Automotive Panel- Initially Applied to Dashboard and CID  Automotive Panel- Dashboard Developing Toward Large Size and Digitization  Automotive Panel- Dashboard to be More Diverse Designs and Shapes  Automotive Panel- Supply Chain and LED Product Specification

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED Industry
Duff Lu
Senior Research Manager
Research Field: Lithium Battery, Electric Vehicle
Joanne Wu
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Research Field: Sapphire, LED Chip, LED Package, LED Lighting, UV LED, Infrared LED, and Flip Chip Markets and Technology Trend